Gay Essential Films To Watch, You I Love (я люблю тебя)

Set in modern day Moscow, You I Love tells the story of Vera (Lyubov Tolkalina) and Tim (Evgeniy Koryakovskiy), who are a couple in love; they are successful young professionals living in a modern day Moscow. Their lives are filled with the modern issues of excess, anxiety and stress. Vera is sexy and famous working as a television presenter and Tim works in an International office as advertising creative.

One night, Tim accidentally knocks over Uloomji (Damir Badmaev), with his car. Uloomji is a Kalmyk; a semi-nomadic Mongolian and works as an animal keeper at the zoo. This random event leads to the two men starting a passionate and torrid affair. Tim is bowled over by the exoticness of Uloomji and his impulsiveness and lack of inhibition. In turn, Uloomji is taken with Tim’s class and refinement. Uloomji’s uncle Wanja (Victor Sevidov) is outraged that his nephew is gay, mainly in case it reflects badly upon himself.

Vera struggles with her boyfriend’s behaviour but eventually is reluctantly involved in the love triangle. In the course of time, the situation leads to all three of their lives unraveling.

You I Love


“Though the progress of this ill-matched love triangle is fun to follow in its self-consciously wacky way, the movie’s chief pleasures, at least to a Western eye, are anthropological.”
   Ella Taylor, L.A. Weekly

“Like an early Almodovar movie transported to Moscow.”
   V.A. Musetto, New York Post

“Seriously sexy stuff from — surprise — the former-Soviet Union.”
   Ken Fox, TV Guide

Did You Know?

You I Love, is the first feature film from co-directors Olga Stolpovskaja and Dmitriy Troitskiy. Stolpovskaja also wrote the script. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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