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An American Independent Drama film, The War Boys follows the story of David (Benjamin Walker), George (Brian J Smith), and Greg (Victor Rasuk), who have been best friends since high school. Calling themselves ‘The War Boys’, they used to hang around on the US-Mexican border, waiting for illegal immigrants who they then tormented by chasing them back across the border, just for fun and with no thought for the immigrants.

After high school is over, David returns home from college and the War Boys reunite. Their new plan however is to steal a truck from David’s father’s company, which they believe to be filled with black market televisions. The plan is to sell them, making lots of money and move to New York to start a new life.

The truck’s contents, however, turn out to be something more sinister than televisions and they start to realise they too are vulnerable, just like the immigrants they once chased back across the border. A mixture of fear and anger causes the situation to get out of control and ultimately it ends in tragedy.

The War Boys


“Filled with love, twists and endless surprises, The War Boys’s is an instant classic. Similar to the film Crash, it displays bits of racism and uncertainty within one’s own self that later come together in a heartfelt ending of openness and understanding of each other.
   Asia Nelson, Daily Titan

“One of the most touching and beautiful scenes in the film is the love scene between George and David and we see how desire can take over adolescence and how that desire opens the door to maturity.”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

Did You Know?

The original London Fringe theatre production of Naomi Wallace’s The War Boys in 1993 at The Finborough Theatre starred actors Ethan Flower, Bradley Lavelle and Matthew Sharp. The Soundtrack ‘Lonelier than this’ was written and performed by Steve Earle. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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