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Tom At The Farm (Tom à la ferme) is a captivating thriller that tells the story of a young gay man trapped in the secrets and lies of his deceased boyfriend’s family when he travels to the rural setting to attend the funeral service.

Tom (Xavier Dolan) is shocked when he arrives at the family home of his dead boyfriend, Guillaume, to find that the mother, Agathe (Lise Roy) had no idea her son was gay. In fact she was expecting a girlfriend, Sara (Évelyne Brochu) to attend the funeral. Knowing the truth, Francis (Pierre-Yves Cardinal) Guillaume’s violent brother, in protecting his mother from the truth and family honour, threatens Tom physically and psychologically brow beats him into keeping the secret hidden. Moreover, there is a hint to Francis being a supressed gay himself with some open flirtations projected at Tom.

Despite being on the receiving end of Francis’ brutish behaviour, Tom accepts Agathe’s hospitality and stays on the farm, performing pastoral chores. Conflict is further heightened with the belated arrival of Sara.

Tom At The Farm


“It’s an improbably exciting match of knife-edge storytelling and a florid vintage aesthetic best represented by Gabriel Yared’s glorious orchestral score.”
   Guy Lodge, Variety

“It’s taut, creepy, compelling and sexy. And, apart from the location, it’s very much a Dolan film, focused on people testing the limits of their love for each other – and themselves.”
   Ben Walters, Time Out London

“If Tom at the Farm is occasionally impenetrable as a drama, it’s seldom less than gripping as an exercise in suspense, especially when Dolan’s precise sense of timing revitalizes otherwise familiar moments.”
   David Ehrlich,

Did You Know?

The film Tom At The Farm (Tom à la ferme) is an adaptation of Michel Marc Bouchard’s play of the same name. Bouchard shares the screenplay credits with Dolan.

Director Dolan asked Academy award-winning composer Gabriel Yared to create the musical score for the film. Originally Dolan had the idea of not using a soundtrack at all, but to heighten tension through sounds like creaking floorboards and wailing winds. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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