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The 2014 film, The Last Straight Man, begins with a pair of best friends, Lewis and Cooper.  As Cooper, played by Scott Sell, is about to tie the knot, Lewis (Mark Cirillo) prepares a bachelor weekend to celebrate his best friend’s upcoming nuptials.  Lewis, however, is a closeted homosexual who has had a secret crush on Cooper for many years.

As the bachelor party unfolds, the men get drunk and celebrate the end of Cooper’s bachelorhood.  However, Lewis and Cooper end up having drunken sex together.  Lewis is delighted to discover that Cooper shares some of the same feelings for him, however, both realize it’s just too late for them.  As a result, Lewis and Cooper make a promise to meet on the same night each year to catch up with each other and rekindle their passion, even if only for one night a year.

The film presents four of Lewis and Cooper’s annual meetings over the subsequent 12 years.  With each meeting, the audience sees how the two men have changed, and bear witness to the growth of their friendship and relationship despite whatever may be happening for each of them during the other 364 days of the year.

The Last Straight Man

Gay Themed Films, Critics

“Witty and intimate!”
   David Lamble, The Bay Area Reporter

“This comical, romantic, gay drama, ends up becoming a, viewing treat for those who love good cinema on a light, yet dramatic nature.”
   A Bucket of Corn

“With strong performances, a tight script and impressive direction, The Last Straight Man is one of those rare nuggets you find once in a while”
   Pip Ellwood, Entertainment Focus

Gay Themed Films, Did You Know?

An interesting script change occurred during pre-production for the film The Last Straight Man.  Initially, the film was written for a different pair of actors to play the main characters of Lewis and Cooper during each of their portrayed meetings.  However, this was decidedly “too gimmicky” and the production team agreed to keep Mark Cirillo and Scott Sell in the same roles for each setting.

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