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The Endless Possibility of Sky follows Drew and Christian (Brad Hallowell and Michael Vaccaro, respectively) as they continually engage in 24 hour sex and drug parties in New York’s extreme underground gay scene.  When not partying, Drew resides in Maine, attempting to live a normal, no frills life.  However, he constantly finds himself being pulled back to New York, often spending weekends with Christian in the apartment of Mistress DaTina.

DaTina has a particular set of requirements for her guests, partially due to her phobias of bedbugs and aliens.  Visitors must be willing to remove their clothes and leave them tied in a plastic garbage bag during their visit, a worthwhile sacrifice for a bender of sex and drug use.  The rooms are draped in black plastic and the bathroom features an aluminium foil covering, creating a cave-like den for DaTina and her guests.  The men are removed from the outside world, and in many ways, removed from reality.

Todd Verow and James Dwyer’s story meanders through a series of small glimpses into each man’s situation.  Drew juxtaposes his party life with a “normal” life in Maine.  Christian continues to find new risks to take.  DaTina constantly welcomes new men into her lair.  Each overlapping story adds to an already shocking film.

The Endless Possibility of Sky


The Endless Possibility Of Sky is an extreme – and I mean extreme – study of drug addiction that makes Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting look understated.”

Did You Know?

Todd Verow and creative writing partner James Dwyer were careful to craft the perfect party loft for DaTina, who happens to have some irrational fears about hygiene.  In an apparent nod to a real-life openly gay hypochondriac, DaTina’s bathroom is coated in a layer of aluminum foil.  This set design for The Endless Possibility Of Sky is synonymous with some of the works by artist Andy Warhol, including his most famous space, The Factory. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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