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In the romantic comedy Tell No One (Come non detto) Mattia (Josafat Vagni) is about to leave Rome for Spain. He has to keep the real reason for his move a secret from his family as he is unable to tell them that he is gay. The real reason is that he wants to live with his Spanish boyfriend of many years, Eduard (Jose Dammert). He lies to his family, telling them that he is moving away for work purposes. Mattia’s eccentric family features an ego-maniacal father (Ninni Bruschetta), a submissive mother (Monica Guerritore), a coarse and controlling sister (Valentina Correani) and a grandmother (Lucia Guzzardo) at 84 years old in search for her first job.

He lies to Eduard too; telling him that his family has accepted him being gay. Hiding the truth from both his family and boyfriend catches up with Mattia when Eduard decides to attend Mattia’s farewell family dinner. Either he tells his family the truth or Eduard that he had lied to him.

It is then a hilarious race against time as Mattia tries after many unsuccessful attempts to come clean to his family before the scheduled dinner and Eduard’s arrival. It is only at the dinner that a frustrated Mattia blurts out the truth. Thinking that he is the one with the surprise, he is caught off guard with another surprise – the unexpected reaction of his family to his announcement.

Tell No One


Come non detto brings Italy a few more steps out of the closet”

“Charming and funny, Ivan Silvestrini’s Tell No One bubbles over with irresistible romantic playfulness.”

Did You Know?

The film’s original title was `Come non detto‘ which roughly translates as ‘best left unsaid’.  The telling of the story includes the use of flashbacks with voice overs by Mattia. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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