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Speechless tells the story of Luke (Pierre-Matthieu Vital), who is found naked by the side of a river in Wuhan, China. Luke appears to be unable to speak, and so is sent to hospital for diagnosis. The hospital is not able to determine the cause of Luke’s condition and so decides to transfer him to a mental asylum. Luke’s male nurse, Xiao Jiang (Qilun Gao) discovers this and so he decides to smuggle him out to save him.

Xiao Jiang finds out that Luke had been in a romantic affair with a male university student named Han Dong (Jian Jiang). Hang Dong had a girlfriend Xiao Ning (Yung Yung Yu). Xiao Jiang manages to track down Xiao Ning and although she is unhelpful he manages to obtain more pieces of the puzzle. He finds out that when Xiao Ning discovered Luke and Hang Dong’s relationship, she punished her boyfriend by outing him and humiliating him at church.

In the meantime, Luke disappears and Xiao Jiang seeks the help of a female friend Lan (Yu Ting Si Tu), to try and find Luke with the intention of resolving the mystery once and for all.



“Simon Chung’s latest offering demonstrates a maturity for delving into issues and extraordinary sense of matching pace with events that will reward all who see it.”

Speechless is a solid mystery drama.”
   Pip Ellwood, Entertainment Focus

Did You Know?

Speechless was filmed in secret in mainland China. Because of this it was unable to obtain a theatrical release in China.  Speechless is the third feature film by director Simon Chung. His previous films were Innocent,  released in 2005, and End of Love, in 2009.  The film premiered at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, on 28 March 2012. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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