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Soundless Wind Chime tells the story of Ricky (Lu Yu Lai); a new Chinese immigrant to Hong Kong. Ricky lives with his aunt (Wella Zhang) who is a prostitute and works as a delivery boy. Pascal is a Swiss thief, who is living in an abusive relationship with boyfriend and con artist Marcus (Hannes Lindenblatt). Pascal picks Ricky’s pocket. When Pascal leaves Marcus, he has a chance meeting with Ricky and the two enter into a romantic relationship together. The couple face struggles with goods and bad times. They need to decide if they love one another or are simply dependent on each other.

Several years later following the death of Pascal, Ricky leaves Hong Kong for Switzerland where he searches for the lost soul and past of Pascal. Struggling with confusion and memories he eventually meets Ueli (Bernhard Bulling) who is a shy antique shop owner, who looks very similar to Pascal, although of a completely different character. As their relationship progresses, the film shows scenes from the present and past and the true nature of Pascal and Ricky’s romance is revealed.

Soundless Wind Chime


Soundless Wind Chime is a beautiful and accomplished film”
Betty Jojo, The Guardian

Soundless Wind Chime is a film that requires a bit of work from its audience. Some viewers will be intrigued, others will be irritated. If you’re willing to go with the flow, it’s a rewarding movie.”

Soundless Wind Chime does unsuccessfully try to be avant-garde here and there (the “Gesundheit” song number out of nowhere), but Hung held my attention, as did the two leads. I recommend it.”

Did You Know?

According to the director of Soundless Wind Chime, Kit Hung, the main character Ricky was based on his friend Chet Lam and the story was initially written for him.  The scene in which the violinist plays was shot in front of Kit Hung’s partner’s parents as a dedication to them. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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