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In the film Snails In The Rain Boaz is a handsome Israeli student at the University of Tel Aviv.  Living with his girlfriend, Noa, he awaits word regarding a scholarship.  Boaz checks the mail daily, but is surprised when he starts receiving love letters from an anonymous man.  Boaz hides the emotional letters from Noa, keeping them in a safe place at home.

Paranoia starts to engulf Boaz as he wanders through his daily life, trying to determine who is sending him these mysterious and heartfelt messages.  Gradually, paranoia becomes frustration and Boaz begins to recall homosexual moments and feelings from his past.  He lashes out at his girlfriend Noa, jeopardizing their relationship.

At last Boaz is left with a decision: offer up a sign letting the anonymous writer know he shares the same passionate feelings, or ignore them and the letters will stop arriving.  Troubled by the choice he must make, Boaz wavers between the two paths lain before him, until he ultimately makes the choice he feels is best.

Snails In The Rain


“Very well acted exploration of queer sexuality in a Middle Eastern context”
   Maor Yoel Oz, Top Toronto

Snails in the Rain is an intelligent, intriguing and satisfying drama with a dark edge that will keep you gripped”
   Pip Ellwood, Entertainment Focus

We Say:
“I was surprised that Boaz (Yoav Reuveni) had begun to doubt his sexual identity after having served in the Israeli army in his youth. Clearly he had come into contact with many different (sexual) situations. Don’t let the happy 80s fashion distract you from the decisions that Boaz makes and the resounding effect those choices have on everyone that surrounds him.”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Snails in the Rain is actually based on a short story from an obscure collection of works written in Israel during a time when taboos around homosexuality and gay stories were at an all-time high.  Director Yariv Mozer embraced the story and created a feature from it, feeling it was time to share a tale such as this.

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