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On the heels of The Doom Generation and Totally Fucked Up, Nowhere is the last instalment in the Araki’s series. Set over a period of just one day, Nowhere illustrates the lives of a group of high school adolescents living in Los Angeles as they navigate the events of the bizarre day, and the countdown to what is anticipated as “the greatest party of the year”. Weird deaths, alien abductions, bisexual adventures, horrifying acid trips, suicides, rape by a TV personality are just some tantalising bits of what can be seen in the film.

Dark Smith (James Duval) and Mel (Rachel True) is a bisexual teen couple who are both sexually promiscuous. Dark finds himself at the young age of 18 struggling to cope with daily life. He has an off-and-on-again relationship with Mel who also enjoys the attention of others, as well as having conflicting feelings for a fellow classmate, Montgomery (Nathan Bexton) who is gay.

At the start of the film Dark meets up with his friends at their regular place, The Hole for breakfast. A party at Jujyfruit’s (Gibby Haynes) is mentioned which would be a festivity of superfluous drinking and drug taking as well as plans for a drug-driven game of kick-the-can. The normal beginning of the day progresses to apparent hallucinatory visions and surrealistic visuals and events. The day reaches an unruly end that demands certain issues be dealt with.



“Araki has described Nowhere as a an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 on acid and the description remains particularly apt”
   Jonathan McCalmont, Film Juice

Nowhere most resembles ‘American Graffiti’ in the way it skips merrily around among its sprawling cast of restless teen-agers.”
   Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Nowhere is an enjoyable ride and a reminder of how special your teenage years can really be. There’s something in there for most people, even the alien subplot which surprisingly feels totally not out-of-place. Oh, and there’s the kick ass soundtrack.”
   Cigarette Burns Cinema

Did You Know?

In the film Nowhere viewers can expect to see Rose McGowan and Shannen Doherty in cameo appearances. Although the film is set over a single day, characters are seen in a change of clothes a number of times throughout the film, except for Dark who is seen with the same set of clothes. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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