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In the Australian romantic drama Monster Pies Mike (Tristan Barr) has always felt alone and set apart from others that inhabit his teenage world. He works in a video store and lives with his single-parent mother. His misery extends further as he is mercilessly teased about his sexuality. That is until he is partnered with a new student for an English class project at school, changing his life. Mike’s English teacher pairs him up with Will (Lucas Linehan) who couldn’t be more different from him, having a more attractive masculine exterior. While Mike is best described as ill-at-ease, Will has the confidence but with a hidden sensitive side.

The project, which throws the two teenagers together, involves creating a contemporary version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and inevitably the two begin spending a lot of time with each other. The entry of Will into Mike’s life opens up a world of possibilities for him, and for once he can dare to dream. He also begins to have fun.

It is not only Mike that is affected by this new working relationship. Through spending enormous amounts of time together and through their unique connection both Mike and Will begin to develop feelings for each other.

Monster Pies


“Movies about maladjusted, misunderstood teens are a dime a dozen, yet Monster Pies sticks out for its Australian setting and a moving (but heavy-handed) storyline. ”
   Matt Hinrichs, DVDTalk

Monster Pies is photographed well and the music choices are far from the norm.”
Michael D. Klemm, CinemaQueer

“An honest and insightful exploration of the alienation felt by many LGBTI teenagers”

Did You Know?

Monster Pies is the second full-length feature from director, Lee Galea. The film was written by multi-talented Lee Galea when he was only 15 years old.  There was one difficulty experienced in casting actors for the film which was finding actors to take on gay roles. The characters of Mike and Will are both played by straight actors. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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