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A coming of age drama, 2014’s Land of Storms explores the search for sexual identity in a world where homophobia still reigns.  The film addresses the issue of homosexuality amidst the fears of stigmatization and marginalization that are very much alive in modern-day Hungary.  The film follows the story of a young man named Szabolcs, who plays football for a German club with his best friend Bernard.  The boys are nearly inseparable, best friends and roommates.  After their football team loses a major game, Szabolcs and Bernard have a major disagreement.  Additional conflicts arise between Szabolcs and his team, prompting him to quit the football team.  Szabolcs eventually decides to return home to Hungary to live in his grandfather’s abandoned house.

During his time in Hungary, Szabolcs finds it difficult to embrace the simplicity he once had at home.  He soon meets a young man named Aron and over time the two boys develop a mutual attraction for one another.  Aron and Szabolcs begin a relationship and Szabolcs starts to feel joy in his life and finally feels comfortable in his own skin.

Symbolizing the prodigal son, Szabolcs begins to take up his family trade of beekeeping and settles in to his new reality.  However, he soon receives a phone call that he knew might one day come.  Bernard has followed him to Hungary and wishes to see his best friend again.  Conflicted, Szabolcs must decide between his new life with Aron or the former life he had with Bernard.

Land of Storms


“A sensual film with equal parts tenderness and sadness that is forthright and unsentimental in its treatment of gay self-discovery.”
   David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

“Adam Csaszi’s confidently directed gay love story has exceptional performances and evocative visuals and is more than just a movie—it is an experience.”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

“A deeply emotional and visually impressive drama by Ádám Császi, that exposes the issue of homophobia in modern day Hungary.”
   Vassilis Economou,

We Say:
“Ádám Császi has the raised the bar of gay cinema, the cinematography is breathtaking and on par with Brokeback Mountain. Land Of Storms is a film that I will watch over and over again, and perhaps the most sensual gay themed film to date”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Under a modest budget, Land of Storms enjoyed success at the Berlin International Film Festival before launching in Hungary in 2014.  Seen as a risky move, given that Hungary is, for the most part, not very LGBT friendly, the film still experienced a modicum of success at home before traveling the world to appear in some of the most significant film festivals. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

Read our interview with Ádám Császi

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