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The James Townsend film, Kissing Darkness, is a gay horror story.  A group of young gay college students, played by actors Sean Paul Lockhart, Nick Airus, Kyle Blitch, Daniel Berilla, and Ronnie Kroell, decide to do something different for Pride Week this year.  Instead of the usual festivities, they pack up the car and head out into the woods for a weekend of camping.  Miles from the nearest club, the boys grow tired with the idea of roughing it in the wilderness, until Vlad (Nick Airus) boys pulls out a Ouija board for some fun.

As they all play along, a story is told about a jilted bride named Malice Valeria, whose lover cheated on her.  Legend has it she caught her new husband in the arms of another lover and killed the both of them, spiralling into an evil rage.

Most of the boys blow off the story, until a couple of them venture to a neighbour’s cabin and discover the girls in the next camp were butchered.  Malice begins revealing herself to each of the men and they helplessly fall prey to her every whim with just a passionate kiss.  With every kiss, her disease of evil passes through the group like wildfire, until they decide to go off on a killing spree.

With one boy left, the flamboyant Skyler (Kyle Blitch), Malice and her newly recruited minions attempt to slay the last of their group.  Skyler resists and murders Malice for good.  At least, that’s what he thought…

Kissing Darkness


“Interesting and clearly well thought-off; it’s like nothing we’ve seen before”

“It is fun and yes at times it is cheesy but so are most of us”
   Reviews by Amos Lassen

“Kinkier than 50 Shades of Grey”
   QX Magazine

We Say:
“Finally another gay-themed horror genre, watch out for Skylar (Kyle Blitch) side-splitting belly laughs wearing a sexed up Dawson’s Creek wardrobe ensemble”
   Alexander Ryll, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Pushed into production merely two weeks after the script was sold, Kissing Darkness director James Townsend had to be nimble and efficient.  So much so, in fact, that the film only garnered a $15,000 budget, prompting Townsend himself to body double for some of the scenes, and recruit his personal friends to round out the cast for a film shot in under 2 weeks. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

Read our interview with James Townsend

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