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Just a Question of Love revolves around Laurent (Cyrille Thouvenin), a young gay man living just outside of Paris who is afraid to allow his sexuality become public. In order to keep up the ruse about who he is, he lives with a female roommate, and most are none-the-wiser. He has good reason to be afraid, however, because of the experience of his cousin, also a gay man, who came out to the family, and was subsequently disowned.

One day he meets Cedric (Stéphan Guérin-Tillié), a scientist who offers Laurent an internship, and eventually much more. Although Laurent initially rebuffs Cedric’s advances, the two inevitably grow closer, and fall in love. Cedric’s openness about his sexuality is hard for Laurent to understand and accept, while at the same time Cedric refuses to allow Laurent to stay in the closet.

This leads inexorably towards drama, and a duration in which Laurent’s family does indeed abandon him, confirming the worst of his fears. Nevertheless, Cedric and his mother stand firmly beside Laurent, helping him to usher himself into adulthood and to learn how to accept and be proud of who he is.

Just a Question of Love


Just a Question of Love is almost a lyric poem, with charms reminiscent of the films of Truffaut. The script avoids all of the usual queer cinema cliches, (the one death isn’t even from AIDS), and there are no annoying songs to pad out the film’s length. .”
   Michael D. Klemm,

“Well acted and beautifully shot”
— Pink Paper

Did You Know?

Just a Question of Love was viewed by 6.3 million people on television in its opening week, a remarkably large share of the television watching population in France. Interestingly enough, over the following weeks, the networks received only three letters of protest, while the stars garnered thousands of letters of praise. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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