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Tackling the subject of homosexuality in the Church, In the Name Of tells the story of Adam (Andrzej Chyra), a Catholic priest who received his vocation to the priesthood when he was the relatively old age of 21. When he is transferred to a rural village in Poland, Adam, along with his colleague Michal (Lukasz Simlat) manages a centre where they work with troubled teenagers who suffer from behavioural problems. Michal’s wife (Maja Ostaszewska), although attractive, is lonely and she makes sexual advances towards Adam. He rejects her on the basis of his celibacy. However the real reason for his rejection is that he is attracted to men.

At first Adam is welcomed as the villagers warm to his laid-back manner and his rapport with the teenagers. He is accepted as one of them and everyone enjoys spending time with him. The burden of his celibacy begins to weigh very heavily on Adam, however when he meets the son of a simple country family, Dynia (Mateusz Kosciukiewicz).

After the suicide of a young man, secrets start to be revealed, including that of Adam’s sexuality, when it becomes apparent that he chose the priesthood as a means of escaping his sexuality.

In the Name Of


In the Name Of is a fascinating and compassionate look at the idea of sexuality, not just in the clergy, but in Poland as a whole.”
   Hayes At The Movies

“If the film’s approach is refreshing and contrarian, the execution is touching”
   Close Up Film

“As a humane, non-judgemental look at enduring contradictions of Catholicism and mortal sexuality, it’s a film to be admired, if not worshipped.”
   Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

Did You Know?

Andrzej Chyra, who portrayed Adam in the film is one of the most prominent and award-winning Polish actors of all time. He has played hundreds of leading roles in feature films and TV productions.

In the Name Of director Małgośka Szumowska was inspired to make the film after reading a story in a newspaper, about a young man who had brutally killed a priest. Despite the story being completely different it gave him the idea for a story about a priest, who dares to love. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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