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Futuro Beach starts with a tragedy, as a German man visiting Brazil is swept out to sea. Donato (Wagner Moura), the lifeguard on the beach, tries to save him but isn’t able to, and the man drowns. The drowned man’s friend and traveling companion, Konrad (Clemens Schick) comes to speak to Donato about finding his friend’s body. Konrad is a military veteran and owns a motorcycle repair shop in Berlin which he plans to return to, but soon after meeting Donato, they begin an intense and sexual relationship. Donato has a 10-year-old brother, Ayrton (Sávio Ygor Ramos), with whom he’s very close, but as it comes time for Konrad to leave Brazil, he nevertheless impulsively decides to follow him to Berlin.

The film jumps forward in time to depict Konrad and Donato’s life in Berlin. Donato and Konrad’s relationship has deepened and strengthened, but neither openly expresses affection. The more liberal attitudes of Germany let Donato live a freer and more open life than he did in Brazil, but he still misses his home, his family, and the ocean. He finally decides he has to go back home. Konrad takes him to the airport—but Donato doesn’t go.

The end of the film is another eight years in the future as Donato’s younger brother, Ayrton (played as an adult by Jesuíta Barbosa) comes looking for him in Berlin. Konrad and Donato are no longer together, but continue to be tied to one another, and all three characters’ affection is troubled by separation and isolation.

Futuro Beach


“Ultimately, “Futuro Beach” is a film about displacement and identity, love and its costs.”
   Roger Ebert

“Set in Brazil and Germany, Karim Ainouz’s stunning fifth feature portrays the evolution of a gay relationship with visual and sonic verve.”
   Guy Lodge, Variety

We Say:
“Artistic shooting and intelligent dialogue between talented actors Moura and Schick leads to a gripping story. ”
   Dave Croyle, Gay Essential

Did You Know?

Futuro Beach tells a very stripped-down story revolving around three characters, but that wasn’t the filmmaker’s original idea for it. Director Karim Aïnouz shot many more scenes about Donato and Ayrton’s mother, and in the original script Konrad had a wife and child. But Aïnouz, whose previous films have mostly revolved around women, realized as he worked on the film that the story should be focused on the three men. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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