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Fit tells the story of six troubled teenagers and their flamboyant drama and dance teacher Loris (Rikki Beadle Blair). The teenagers have been made to participate in the drama and dance class. Lee (Lydia Toymazou) is straight although appears to be a stereotypical ‘dyke’; her best friend Karmel (Sasha Frost) is a ‘lipstick lesbian’, who enjoys make-up and fashion and is finding it hard to admit to her sexuality.

Tegs (Duncan MacInnes) is a geek who everyone calls gay, although he is, in fact, straight. Teg’s best friend is Jordan (Ludvig Bonin) who is gay and is in love with Tegs. Jordan, like Karmel finds it difficult admitting that he is gay.

Isaac (Jay Brown) and his best friend Ryan (Stephen Hoo) are homophobic. However Ryan is in fact gay and trying to hide the fact along with his secret crush on Tegs.

The film explores the fear of coming out and the fear of the possible rejection of family and friends.

Loris is openly gay and attempts to teach his pupils about understanding and acceptance. Because of his teaching, in time, the teenagers learn to come to terms with their own identities and their prejudices.



“A kind of gritty take on the shiny E4 drama Glee.”
   The Times

“Made with the support of Stonewall, among others, it is a glorious, groundbreaking exploration of what it is to be gay and how we are perceived because of it.”

Did You Know?

Fit was originally written as a play as part of a workshop on homophobia and then adapted by Rikki Beadle Blair for screen. It was also his directorial debut on a feature film. The campaign group Stonewall, distributed the film in secondary schools with the intention of tackling homophobia and was supported by the Mayor of London. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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