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Dog Tags is a film about Nate Merritt (Paul Preiss), a man who decides to enlist in the military after frustrations with his fiancée and mother. While attempting to deal with the issues that keep holding him back in his life, he meets Andy (Bart Fletcher), an openly gay man with whom he immediately forges a strong friendship.

The two have quite a lot in common, coming from broken homes and domineering mothers, and mutually frustrated with the lot they’ve been given in life. Nate is suffering from an openly unfaithful fiancée who seems to only care about having a child with a military man, any military man, even to the point of admitting freely sexual activity with other partners in their own home, while Andy still suffers from memories of his ex, also a marine.

After a bizarre chain of events leads Nate and Andy to the home of a porno director who invites them to shoot a film together, which they refuse, the two end up bonding and going on a journey together to search for Nate’s father. Although the two become intimate along the path, the culmination of this trip results in the decision of Nate to steel himself for the marine life, leaving Andy once more broken by his love for a man of the military.

Dog Tags


Dog Tags looks great; the cinematography is polished, the cutting contributes the right rhythms.”
  — Michael D. Klemm,

Did You Know?

The writer/director Damion Dietz later said that the idea of the movie Dog Tags came from a time when he had spent a few days with a marine, and found that the two clicked extremely well. He realized after that he’d like to write a story about who the marine might’ve been, if only the two could’ve gotten to know each other more. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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