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D’Agostino is a psychological thriller and a macabre tale of self-realisation. Londoner Allan Dawson (Keith Roenke) is engaged to Sylvia (Torie Tyson), he is successful and financially sound but he is bored with his mundane existence. When he discovers that his grandmother has left him a property in Santorini, he happily escapes to claim his inheritance.

Meanwhile a lost cargo is left for dead on the Santorini Shores. This is D’Agostino (Michael Gordon Andricopoulos), who is a human clone, created solely for the purpose of organ harvesting for wealthy individuals.

When Allan arrives he discovers that not only that he enjoys being alone but he also discovers D’Agostino who is hiding in his shower and is covered in filth. Having been created as a blank canvas, D’Agostino has no morals and no memory.

Although at first disgusted by D’Agostino’s animalistic habits, Allen decides to keep him as a pet, putting a collar on him, keeping him nude most of the time, and serving his meals in a bowl on the floor.  Once cleaned up, D’Agostino is an attractive young man and as Allan attempts to mould himself a new best friend, a homoerotic relationship develops and Allan must face up to the consequences of this.



D’Agostino a murky mystery on a Greek isle.”
   Leslie Katz, The San Francisco Examiner  

“A darkly psychological film, that pulls it’s audience into this intensely Arabesque meditation of domination and servitude.”
   Films In Review

D’Agostino owes much to cinematic classics Caligula and Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom for its bondage imagery and over the top sexuality, but this one is never quite as difficult to swallow.”

Did You Know?

The main inspiration for D’Agostino was director Jorge Ameer’s cat, which he named Jorge “George” Ameer. The film was dedicated to the cat which died in 2012.
In addition to his cat, other sources of inspiration for D’Agostino were Paolo Pasolini’s Salo and Gore Vidal’s Caligula. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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