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In the gay-themed drama Circuit, John (Jonathan Wade Drahos) a closeted small town Illinois policeman is outed at work.  Following homophobic bullying at work, his captain suggests that he relocates to an environment more conductive to his lifestyle.

John relocates to West Hollywood and moves in with his cousin Tad (Daniel Kucan), an aspiring filmmaker who is making a documentary about gay circuit parties.  Tad’s flatmate and ex lover Gil (Brian Lane Green) takes John to a film industry soiree in the Hollywood hills.  John is introduced to Hector (Andre Khabbazi) a sexy Latin hustler who refuses to have sex with anyone unless they pay for it.  Hector takes John under his wing and introduces him to the word of clubs, drugs and beautiful men.

Gill grows tired of Tad and new boyfriend Julian (Darryl Stephens) living with him and gives them a deadline for moving out. John begins working security for Gino (William Katt) an investor who is running circuit parties with his wife Louise (Nancy Allen).  Gino becomes obsessed with one of Tad’s documentary subjects Bobby (Paul Lekakis), an exotic dancer and model who performs at circuit parties.  Gil enlists the help of Hector to kill him on the weekend of the annual Palm Springs White Party.

Viewers follow the characters through a labyrinth of circuit parties, hedonistic sex scenes with a glimpse into the highs and lows of a subculture driven by sexual excess and gratuitous drug abuse.



“Slick yet gritty look at a Shallow world.”
   Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Circuit is a great soap opera that could easily have degenerated into a gay version of Valley of the Dolls.”

Did You Know?

Circuit film director Dirk Shafer is a former Playgirl centrefold was not part of the circuit party scene, but did some experimenting as research for the film.  The narrative structured is filmed with three quarters flashback as homage to Funny Girl. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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