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The term “Chemsex” refers to the use of drugs in a sexual context and as the title of this uncompromising documentary it defines what has become an increasingly common practice among gay men in the London scene, and worryingly so. The filmmakers offer uncensored and unprecedented access to a rather scary phenomenon that drags these men’s lives into a never-ending cycle of addiction, illness and eventually death. Several interviewees from different backgrounds share their stories in a confessional type of conversation with the filmmakers cutting back and forth between these often heart-breaking confessions and following the subjects in action or sharing personal videos they kept from past experiences. Chemsex digs deep into this shallow reality in order to get to the bottom of why these men fall into this dangerous web using the help of a Health Worker who has developed a dedicated section of London’s Dean Street Sexual Health Clinic in Soho to assist those who are trapped in this extremely dark reality.



“This scary and explicit documentary from William Fairman and Max Gogarty tackles what could be gay men’s biggest health crisis for 30 years”
   Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Prurient peepshow value is thankfully thin on the ground in this harrowing documentary about a gay subculture”
Tim Robey, The Telegraph

“A stark, unflinching documentary on the drugs-and-sex craze that’s been devastating London’s gay communities”
Tom Huddleston, Time Out London

Did You Know?

Filmmaker William Fairman is a director at Vice and has produced and directed some of their most interesting and popular documentaries whilst now he’s showrunner of Gaycation, the new LGBT travel and culture series hosted by Ellen Page. His Chemsex co-director Max Gogarty started off as a writer on Channel 4’s popular teen drama Skins and is now content editor at BBC 3, developing and producing content for the channel’s new online incarnation. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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