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Breakfast with Scot follows the story of Eric McNally (Tom Cavanagh) who is a gay former hockey player. He is now retired due to injury and has become a television sportscaster. Eric lives with his sports lawyer partner Sam (Ben Shenkman). Apart from his assistant Nula, none of Eric’s colleagues know that he is gay as he feels this is at odds with his association with professional hockey as a public figure.

When Sam’s brother’s ex-partner Julie dies from a drug overdose, the two men take temporary custody of Scot Latour (Noah Bernett), her son. As Julie’s insurance money comes with the custody of Scot, Sam is convinced his brother Billy (Colin Cunningham) will come and claim Scot.

As well as the upheaval of becoming parents, the two men have to deal with Scot’s flamboyance and all the evidence that he is more out of the closet than they are and the impact of this on Eric’s wish to remain closeted at work.

In time, Eric becomes less concerned about maintaining his macho exterior as Scot teaches him the importance of loving your true self and when Billy does finally appear to take Scot away, Eric and Sam cannot bear the thought of losing him.

Breakfast With Scot


“Cavanagh, best known for the TV show “Ed,” is terrific–as is young Bernett, who steals the show without hogging it.”
   Chuck Wilson, Village Voice

“Has a sitcom format, but complex emotions and perceptions keep breaking through the surface in an engaging, thoughtful manner.”
   Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“A crowd-pleasing comedy that makes up for its formulaic, sitcom-ready premise with likable performances and an inviting sense of humor.”
   Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

Did You Know?

As Eric McNally’s character is a former Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player, the film Breakfast with Scot obtained permission by the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey organisation to use logos and other club related items. This was the first time in history that a major professional sports organization had given such permission. It was controversial because of the character being gay. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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