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In the romantic gay drama Boys Sieger is an athletic 15 year old boy who is enjoying his summer holiday break from school.  A talented athlete, Sieger is training for the national relay championships, where he meets fellow athlete, Marc.  Marc is an intriguing and boisterous individual and appears as quite the opposite to the subdued and quiet Sieger.  A friendship develops between the two boys.  However, Sieger begins to harbour an emotional attraction to Marc.

Attempting to hide his feelings, Sieger starts visiting a motocross track with his friend Stef and his brother Eddy.  During his times at the track, Sieger starts to develop a relationship with a girl named Jessica, which appears to solve his difficulty over feelings for Marc.  Earning the respect of his brother Eddy, Sieger desperately tries to patch up the relationship between his brother and father, which has faltered in the year’s since his mother’s passing.  In the midst of this stressful situation, Sieger begins to realize how much his mind is still fixated on Marc, finding it more and more difficult to overlook his true feelings.



“Strong performances and an admirably loose-limbed screenplay elevate this mixture of sports movie and coming-out narrative.”
   Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter

Boys (Jongens) is a feast for the eyes with gorgeous cinematography of the Dutch countryside, and equally beautiful actors”
Nicolas Demers, Gay Vancouver

“It’s a tale of discovery, of growing up and coming to terms with who you are.”
Joe Page, Front Row Reviews

Did You Know?

A quiet, emotional film, Boys does well to capture some of the key experiences of closeted life, oftentimes through the use of nonverbal cues between Sieger and Marc.  Many straight viewers might miss the seemingly subtle nuances, but gay viewers will be hard pressed to miss some of the quintessential closeted gay moments. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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