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In the film Between Something and Nothing, Joe, played by Tiri Swain, is a small-town kid who is a freshman art student at the Rhode Island School of Design.  Not long after arriving at school, Joe befriends fellow art student Jennifer, played by Julia Frey.  The two become very close friends, nearly inseparable as they cruise the local music, art, and drug culture.  One of the key similarities that draws the two of them together is their mutual struggle.  Both Joe and Jennifer can barely pay their bills for rent, food, and most importantly, tuition for art school.  They often resort to petty theft in order to get by.

Joe eventually crosses paths with a male hustler named Ramon, played by actor Gil Bar-Sera.  Normally somewhat shy and innocent, Joe strikes up a conversation with Ramon, discovering what he does for a living and growing mesmerized with the prospect.  Ramon offers Joe the opportunity to prostitute himself, which Joe eagerly accepts.

Taking the time to explore the dark side of himself, Joe enjoys working the streets and having sex for money.  In fact, he even discovers how the experience is unlocking his own creativity, allowing him to create better artwork…in addition to paying his bills.

Between Something and Nothing


“I don’t know how much of Between Something and Nothing is autobiographical and how much is fiction – or simply embellished – but it feels authentic and a lot of it got under my skin.”

“It’s an interesting movie, well done, and I must admit rather sexy (once Joe gets a Mohawk and loses his ability to wear non-ripped shirts he goes from cute boy next door to smoking hot).”

“Verow leaves a small window open for comedy—mostly at the expense of his alma mater’s pompous art professors.”
   Dan Avery, TimeOut New York

Did You Know?

Between Something and Nothing hits rather close to home for director Todd Verow.  The director himself attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and was able to draw upon some of his own experiences as an art student to create the character Joe, with the help of long-time creative partner James Dwyer. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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