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Following the life of a young girl named Marguerite (Sondra Locke), the film slowly uncovers the child’s vicious masculine alter-ego, who may potentially reside in one of her uncanny dolls. Living with her maternal grandmother, Julia (Signe Hasso), in an isolated mansion in Eastern Canada, Marguerite shows signs of paranoia and regularly has imaginary conversations with her spooky figurines. The young girl suddenly decides to reach out to her estranged father, Michael (Robert “Jaws” Shaw), an unknown writer. When her long-absent parent returns home with his new fiancé, Katherine (Sally Kellerman), a streak of mysterious murders ensues.

Adapted after a screenplay by Edward Hume, A Reflection of Fear is a compelling psychological horror film, with emphasis put on the disturbing, incestuous relationship between Michael and his daughter. Featuring a daunting score and distressing horror scenes, be prepared for its shocking twist ending.

A Reflection of Fear


“This is one creepy little shocker”
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“This movie was severely cut to receive a PG rating; it should have been left at an R rating. It’s not so much the missing footage that’s the problem; it’s simply that the air of perverse sexuality that pervades this film was something that couldn’t be pruned by the removal of mere footage.”
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“Ethereally yet confidently directed by William A Fraker the cinematographer of Rosemary’s Baby, A Reflection Of Fear introduces us to an unsung psycho sister of Norman Bates named Marguerite.”

Did You Know?

Mary Ure, the actress who played Marguerite’s mother was only 11 years older than Sondra Locke at the time when A Reflection of Fear was produced. Locke was so eager to play the part of Marguerite that she invited the director at her house and dressed up as the main character, treating their meeting as a live audition. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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