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Japan Japan

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Japan Japan

Imri Khan is front and centre in the Israeli-Berliner director Lior Shamriz’s 2007 film, Japan Japan. The protagonist, who is played by the actor of the same name, is an introspective young man who is refining his dream of moving to Japan from Tel Aviv, and the audience bears witness to the series of encounters that shifts his international whims.

Saturn Returns

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Saturn Returns

Released in 2009, in Saturn Returns director Lior Shamriz has created a work that blends a Punk subculture documentary with slice-of-life melodrama. The piece stars Chloe Griffin as an American who has turned a Berlin rocker named Lucy, Joshua Bogle as her best friend Derek, and Tal Meiri as Galia, the enchanting woman who opens the wandering souls to a quieter and clearer way of living.

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