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Radiant Sea

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Radiant Sea (Lichtes Meer)

Released in 2015, Radiant Sea (Lichtes Meer) was written by Jan Künemund and Stefan Butzmühlen and is based on a novel entitled An Iceland Fisherman, by French author Pierre Loti. The film follows the story of a trainee on a freighter. Starring Martin Sznur, Jules Sagot and Katharina Melchior, the motion picture was directed by Stefan Butzmühlen.

Sleepless Knights

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Sleepless Knights (Caballeros Insomnes)

Released in 2012, Sleepless Knights was written and directed by Stefan Butzmühlen and Cristina Diz. The film tells the story of Carlos, who spends the summer in the country with his family where he contemplates whether or not he should return to Madrid. Meeting handsome Juan doesn’t make his decision any easier. The film stars Raul Godoy and Jaime Pedruelo as Carlos and Juan respectively.

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