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Seed Money

Essential Opinion: Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

With Falcon Studios, gay porn mogul Chuck Holmes built an empire on flesh and fantasy. Chuck fought against the FBI, vice squads and an AIDS epidemic in order to document emerging gay culture and provide homosexual men across the country with a vision of life that was unashamed and celebratory. Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story is the story of one of the gay rights movement’s more unlikely – and spirited – pioneers. Released in 2015 and directed by Michael Stabile, the documentary features Jeff Stryker, Chi Chi LaRue, Steve Cruz, Tom Chase and legendary filmmaker John Waters.

Tab Hunter Confidential

Essential Opinion: Tab Hunter Confidential

Directed by Jeffrey Schwarz, Tab Hunter Confidential is a 2015 documentary about the life and career of the titular former actor, matinee idol and heartthrob who was also a closeted homosexual in 1950s Hollywood. The documentary features Tab Hunter, Clint Eastwood and Debbie Reynolds.

Female Trouble

Gay Essential Gay Films To Watch, Female Trouble

Female Trouble is a comedy crime film released in 1974. Written and directed by John Waters, this dark comedy stars Divine (in a dual role), David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, and Mink Stole. The film is about a woman, once a troubled teen, becomes an unapologetic mass murder who meets her death in the electric chair.

Diving by Lynn Davis

Gay Essential Documentaries To Watch, I Am Divine

Released in 2013, I Am Divine is a documentary shot and compiled from archive footage by Director Jeffrey Schwarz. Divine, aka Harris Glenn Milstead, was one of Baltimore’s most celebrated drag queens until his death in 1988. I Am Divine features archived footage of the late Divine herself, as well as interviews from Michael Musto, Greg Gorman, Mink Stole, and John Waters.

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