Share a Movie with your Favorite Leading Lady

For a man who lived and died over four centuries ago, William Shakespeare is rather popular throughout the world. His works still grace the stage today, with countless modern playwrights looking to his classics for inspiration. Often imitated, never duplicated, Shakespeare’s genius is considered by some as unattainable. Lucky for us, the fine folks at Sweet Theatre have managed to capture Old Will’s essence in a unique collection of chocolate bars affectionately dubbed, “Shakespeare’s Leading Ladies.”

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Each of these ladies makes a fine companion, especially for an evening in, watching movies and casually lounging about your home. Imagine taking in a classic tale of love and loss with your favorite maiden of fair Verona. The purity and sacrifice of Juliet portrayed through fine Madagascan vanilla beans. Or perhaps you prefer the bite of a deep and lusty romance, one that pairs finely with Lady MacBeth’s sharp dark chocolate and sensual sweet orange.

If the night calls for a playful romantic comedy, then the lovely Viola is in order. Washed ashore in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Viola finds herself in a strange love triangle. However, unlike Viola, you need not make any compromises. Your happy ending resides in the complexity of spicy English mint wrapped in the finest equatorial dark chocolate.

Much like Shakespeare’s plays, film goes beyond simple entertainment, evoking honest emotions like sorrow, heartbreak, laughter, and joy. And now, with the help of Sweet Theatre’s innovative treats, each of those many emotions can be experienced through complex flavors and scents.

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