A Young Man’s Future
A Young Man’s FutureA Young Man’s Future

A Young Man’s Future


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ActorsJordan Becker, Taylor Clift, Derek S. Orr

DirectorEdgar Michael Bravo

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A Young Man’s Future, offers a revealing and emotional view of the challenges of mental illness.  As two young men are fast-approaching graduation they fall in love and start making plans about the life awaiting them off campus.  Released in 2016 and Directed by Edgar Michael Bravo, the film stars Jordan Becker, Taylor Clift and Derek S. Orr. Read More Here

“It’s a shame more films don’t a take a serious look at mental illness.”
   Big Gay Picture Show

“A remarkably honest and thought-provoking picture of an illness so rarely discussed.”
   Gay Celluloid

“It feels like it comes from a very real place, and the emotions it lands are honest and true.”
   Sonic Cinema

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