The Freedom to Marry
The Freedom to MarryThe Freedom to Marry

The Freedom to Marry


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Featuring: Evan Wolfson, Mary Bonauto, April DeBoer

DirectorEddie Rosenstein

From Gay Essential

The Freedom to Marry is a 2016 documentary about the Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage in the United States.  Directed by Eddie Rosenstein, the documentary features Evan Wolfson, Mary Bonauto and Marc Solomon. Read More Here

“A behind-the-scenes chronicle of one of the most important court cases of our time.”

The Freedom to Marry offers us a fascinating look at the journey from far off idea to US Supreme Court.”
   Film Threat

The Freedom to Marry is very well-done in both its presentation, framing and context. It should serve as a joyful reminder of a hard-fought victory as well as a wonderful historical reference point for the victories we have yet to fight hard for.”
   Terrence Moss, Gay Essential

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