Jamie Marks Is Dead
Jamie Marks Is Dead

Jamie Marks Is Dead


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ActorsNoah Silver, Cameron Monaghan, Morgan Saylor

DirectorCarter Smith

From Gay Essential

Directed and adapted by Carter Smith from Christopher Barzak’s harrowing novel One For Sorrow, Jamie Marks Is Dead is a slow-burning teen horror.  A quiet teenager from a broken home’s life becomes bleak when his mother is involved in a car accident and a boy from his high school is found dead.  Released in 2014, the film stars Noah Silver, Cameron Monaghan and Morgan Saylor. Read More Here.

“Jamie Marks Is Dead  presents a disturbing look at a far from cuddly after-world, where souls in need of a reckoning wander around in a kind of constant limbo, waiting for someone that can finally see them.”
   The Joblo Network

“Just when you think that Jamie Marks is Dead will become a murder mystery or a case against teen bullying, it turns into something even more richer, surprising and unpredictable.”
   The NYC Movie Guru

“The LGBTQ themes are not spelled out, in line with the whole film’s introspective nature, but this choice doesn’t take anything away from the story’s relevance and emotional power.
   Gay Essential

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