Hurricane Bianca
Hurricane Bianca

Hurricane Bianca


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ActorsRoy Haylock, Rachel Dratch, Bianca Leigh

DirectorMatt Kugelman

From Gay Essential

A teacher fired for his sexual orientation seeks legitimacy when he returns to school as a woman and serve up some lessons to the community.  Released in 2016, Hurricane Bianca is directed by Matt Kugelman and stars, Roy Haylock, Rachel Dratch and Bianca Leigh. Read More Here

“This shit was nastier than Amy Schumer roasting Charlie Sheen.”
   Assholes Watching Movies

“Delivering sly digs at friends and foes alike, it is easy to see why the character became a fan favourite on television.”
   Cinema Axis

“You don’t have to be a fan of Drag Race or even Bianca Del Rio to enjoy this movie.”
   The Out Guide

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