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Actors: Velinda Godfrey, Beth Grant, Laura Spencer

DirectorMaura Anderson

From Gay Essential

Released in 2017, When an opinionated lesbian artist moves back home with her conservative homophobic mother, it’s bound to spell trouble in Heartland.  Directed by Maura Anderson, the film stars Velinda Godfrey, Beth Grant and Laura Spencer. Read More Here

“What is ostensibly a “grieving lesbian falls for, and has a fling with, a straight girl” story, writers Godfrey and Todd Waring have, however, crafted a warm and moving story about family, small town attitudes and being queer in an Oklahoma God-fearing Christian community, where being gay is tolerated so long as you don’t talk about it, and your dead girlfriend is only ever called your “friend”.”
   Curve Magazine

“Velinda Godfrey delivers a convincing performance as a grieving artist who sadly must cope with her loss all on her own.”
   Dave Croyle, Gay Essential

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