You’re Killing Me

Essential Opinion: You’re Killing Me

George and Barnes are YouTube performers with about a thousand views. Joe is a socially awkward new fan – and also a serial killer. After “breaking up” with a guy named Andy, Joe tracks down George and the two immediately start dating. But the more they fall for each other, George’s friends become MIA for various reasons.

Beauty (Skoonheid)

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Beauty (Skoonheid)

This South African film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and follows the life of a man who seems to be both homophobic and a closeted homosexual. Released in 2011, Beauty (Skoonheid) was directed by Oliver Hermanus and stars Deon Lotz, Charlie Keegan and Michelle Scott.


Gay Essential Horror Films To Watch, Poltergay

Directed by Eric Lavaine and written by Héctor Cabello Reyes, Poltergay a French comedy released in 2006 stars Clovis Cornillac and Julie Depardieu. The film tells the wacky story of a couple who moves in a house that is haunted by the ghosts of five gay men.

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