Love, Cecil

Essential Opinion: Love, Cecil

Is it possible to separate the art from the artist? Documentarian Lisa Immordino Vreeland definitely doesn’t think so, as her examination of the life and career of photographer/artist/costume designer Cecil Beaton understands that the many contradictions in his character informed a lifetime of work across a variety of different mediums.

Touch Of Pink

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Touch Of Pink

Touch of Pink, which was released in 2004, was written and directed by Ian Iqbal Rashid. Starring Jimi Mistry, Kris Holden-Ried and Kyle MacLachlan, it was nominated for a number of awards. The film was shot in London England UK and on location in Ontario, Canada.

Man Made

Film Review: Man Made at Outfest

The public perception of bodybuilding is currently defined by the idea of warped masculinity – a heteronormative activity exclusively for men who take more steroids daily than they have braincells in total. It’s not entirely clear how media representation of bodybuilders has, in the past few decades, gone from presenting them as idealised men to cultural laughing stocks, but T. Cooper’s documentary Man Made is set to send stereotypes back in the opposite direction.

Studio 54

Essential Opinion: Studio 54

The New York nightclub Studio 54 was so iconic that we feel like we know its story, but this documentary is packed with never-heard details that cast it in a whole new light. The film Studio 54 is solidly well-made, assembled with an insider’s perspective and packed with photos and footage of the top stars of the day partying like there’s no tomorrow.

The One

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The One

Released in 2011, The One is a comedy drama about a successful, engaged investment banker who falls in love with a male acquaintance from his past one month before his wedding. The film was directed and written by Caytha Jentis. It stars Jon Prescott, Margaret Anne Florence and Ian Novick.

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