Rebels on Pointe

Rebels On Pointe, Gay Essential Talks To Bobbi Jo Hart

Though a filmmaker, Bobbi Jo Hart ’s degree is actually in International Relations, so she sees filmmaking as her way of exploring humanity and bringing people closer – which is one of her aims with this documentary. “Given all the divisiveness in the world and the political climate in the States, we need reminders to celebrate our similarities and honor our differences. The Trocks represent that.”

Do You Take This Man

Essential Opinion: Do You Take This Man

Do You Take This Man, the narrative feature debut from writer/director Joshua Tunick, has an empathetic warmth that continues to grow as the film progresses – the story isn’t particularly innovative for the genre, but the characters are believable and their respective situations universally relatable, which helps make this story feel as utterly refreshing as it is heartwarming.


Gay Essential Documentaries To Watch, Vito

The 2011 biographical documentary Vito, directed by Jeffrey Schwarz, is the story of the AIDS activist, author, and father of the modern gay liberation movement Vito Russo. Russo came to prominence as an outspoken critic of the media treatment of the LGBT community post-Stonewall riots.

The Freedom to Marry

Film Review: The Freedom to Marry at the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

April DeBoer and Jayne Rouse live in Michigan. Between them, they have FIVE adopted children. They couldn’t legally adopt all five jointly because the laws of the state prohibit unmarried couples from adopting. But being a lesbian couple, they couldn’t get married anyway because same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in their state. This leaves their family very vulnerable to being split up should something happen to one or both of them.

Before Stonewall

Gay Essential Documentaries To Watch, Before Stonewall

The Stonewall riots are indisputably a pivotal moment in the timeline of LGBT rights. Before Stonewall, a 1984 documentary directed by Greta Schiller and Robert Rosenberg, captures the state of the LGBT community prior to the riots, as well as giving viewers a historical background to the contemporary nature of American homosexuality.

This World We Live In

This World We Live In, Gay Essential Talks To Gage Oxley

Oxley’s award-winning short film, This World We Live In is a gripping drama that examines the tragedy of mixing perceptions of masculinity with modern technology. Starring Jack Parr, This World we Live In offers a riveting 15-minute glimpse into the world of an image-conscious young man, struggling to keep his own demons at bay and simply fit in with the other guys.

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