Film Review: Seventeen (Siebzehn) at Melbourne Queer Film Festival

The directorial debut of Monja Art is an angsty teen drama that seems perfectly engineered to speak to its target audience. Seventeen (Siebzehn) manages to convey the messiness of relationships during later teenage years, acknowledging the first glimpses of emotional trauma without reserving any judgement for the often reckless behaviour of the characters.


Opinión Esencial: Retablo

En Latinoamérica, existe la noción que la familia es la base de todo individuo. Cualquier decisión es tomada para el beneficio y honor de la familia. Uno hace lo que debe, no lo que quiere – Segundo, el joven protagonista de Retablo, es ejemplo de esta dinámica contradictoria.

Shining Moon

Essential Opinion: Shining Moon (El Destello de la Luna)

Can gay men be homophobic, and show a lack of understanding towards the key points and principles of the LGBT movement? Chilean comedy-drama Shining Moon explores this theme, showing that even older gay men, old enough to have been around during the origins of the gay liberation movement, aren’t immune from discriminatory beliefs towards a more developed LGBT culture.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Bound

Released at the Venice Film Festival in 1996, Bound is a crime thriller that focuses on the romantic relationship between two lesbian women who are involved with the Mafia. The neo-noir film was directed and written by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and stars Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano.

Al Berto

Film Review: Al Berto at Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Al Berto is one of Portugal’s best-known poets, but one does not need to be familiar with his life or his works to appreciate the atmosphere of Vicente Alves do Ó’s latest film, which is based on his life and the journals of the director’s older half-brother, who was once the poet’s lover.

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