Fellini's Satyricon

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Fellini’s Satyricon

This fantasy film by Federico Fellini is an Italian classic which depicts the kernel of Roman culture. Separated into nine different episodes, Fellini’s Satyricon is partially based on the work of the courtier Gaius Petronius Arbiter, who lived during the age of Nero. The drama film was released in 1969 and stars Martin Potter, Hiram Keller and Max Born.

Just Charlie

Essential Opinion: Just Charlie

On the surface, Just Charlie is a sensitive and tenderly told story of a transgender girl coming out. Yet the film’s strength doesn’t lie solely within this central character struggle – instead, director Rebekah Fortune’s film draws its power from attempting to empathise with the confusion of Charlie’s family as much as Charlie’s own confused gender identity.

Dog Day Afternoon

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Dog Day Afternoon

This American crime film was produced by Martin Elfand and Martin Bregman and is based on the real-life story of a bank robber from 1970s’ Brooklyn who wanted to raise money for his lover’s sex change procedure. Released in 1975, the drama film Dog Day Afternoon was directed by Sidney Lumet and stars Al Pacino, Charles Durning and John Cazale.

Even Lovers Get The Blues

Essential Opinion: Even Lovers Get the Blues

In its opening sequence, Even Lovers Get the Blues perfectly sets the stage for the intense exploration of relationships and adultery that follows- a hedonistic montage of several different sex scenes, both joyous and miserable, all climaxing before the film’s title card has even been revealed.

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