You Can’t Escape Lithuania

You Can’t Escape Lithuania, Gay Essential Talks To Romas Zabarauskas

Romas Zabarauskas wanted to make an apolitical queer film that takes place in a country that is discriminatory towards gay people. In Lithuania, there are laws prohibiting same-sex marriage and partnerships and there’s strict legislation towards the trans community, preventing them from identifying with their desired sex. But artists like Zabarauskas are determined to rebel against this discrimination by crafting films, books, plays, music, etc. that pertain to the queer experience.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Sebastian

Released in 2017 and written and directed by James Fanizza, Sebastian is the story of an Argentinean man vacationing in Toronto for a week who instantly falls head over heels for a local. The motion picture stars Alex House, Guifre Bantjes-Rafols and Katya Zamolodchikova.

The Revival

Essential Opinion: The Revival

Released in 2017, The Revival is a fascinating character study following a secret love affair between a southern Baptist preacher and a young drifter. Directed by Jennifer Gerber, the motion picture stars Zachary Booth, David Rysdahl and Stephen Ellis.

Fellini's Satyricon

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Fellini’s Satyricon

This fantasy film by Federico Fellini is an Italian classic which depicts the kernel of Roman culture. Separated into nine different episodes, Fellini’s Satyricon is partially based on the work of the courtier Gaius Petronius Arbiter, who lived during the age of Nero. The drama film was released in 1969 and stars Martin Potter, Hiram Keller and Max Born.

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