The Escort

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Escort (L’escorte)

This comedy follows the lives, struggles and endeavors of several gay men during the hazard and mass hysteria of the AIDS outbreak. Directed by Denis Langlois, the motion picture stars Eric Cabana and Paul-Antoine Taillefer, and features Patrice Coquereau and Robin Aubert. The Escort (L’escorte) was released in 1996 and co-written by Bertrand Lachance and Denis Langlois.

Cowboys and Angels

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Cowboys and Angels

Released in 2003 and directed by David Gleeson, Cowboys and Angels is an Irish Comedy drama about a civil servant who moves into an apartment with a gay fashion student and the events that ensue. Filmed in County Limerick in Ireland, the film starred Michael Legge and Allen Leech.

Anchor and Hope

Essential Opinion: Anchor and Hope (Tierra Firme)

Anchor and Hope is a complex, mature relationship drama that feels nothing less than believable, even as it presents a lifestyle that’s likely alien to most viewers. But with three great performances at its centre, this is never a problem – it is quietly moving, even as it asks us to confront our own issues with parenthood.

Brotherly Love

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Brotherly Love

Released in 2017, Brotherly Love is based on Seventy Times Seven, a novel about a gay man who struggles to keep his vow to the Catholic Church. It was written and directed by Anthony J. Caruso. The motion picture stars Anthony J. Caruso, Derek Babb and David Blackwell.

We The Animals

Essential Opinion: We The Animals

Jeremiah Zagar’s first non-fiction film creates a fully actualized tapestry of raw, explosive emotion, dreamlike visuals and impressionistic vignettes, all of which work together flawlessly to showcase the aftermath of domestic violence.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, L.I.E.

L.I.E., an American crime drama film which tells the story of a teenage boy who becomes involved in a relationship with an older man. Filmed in New York, L.I.E. was directed by Michael Cuesta and starred Brian Cox, Paul Dano and Bruce Altman.

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