Freelancers Anonymous

Film Review: Freelancers Anonymous at FilmOut San Diego

Freelancers Anonymous taps into the current issue of underemployment, where employers cut hours and benefits, forcing people to take multiple jobs to make ends meet. Thankfully, director Sonia Sebastian and writers Lisa Cordileone and Amy Dellagiarino never get overly serious about this, keeping things very light while grounding the humour in likeable characters.

In & Out

Gay Essential Films To Watch, In & Out

Released in 1997, In & Out was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe and won many awards with Joan Cusack receiving many Best Actress category awards including American Comedy Awards and New York Film Critics Circle Awards. Filmed in New Jersey and New York, In & Out was directed by Frank Oz and written by Paul Rudnick. The film stars Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack and Tom Selleck.


Film Review: Anything at FilmOut San Diego

Anything is a warm and thoughtful drama that examines some very big themes without taking the usual route through them. Not only is it centred on a middle-aged man, but it also features a main character whose gender identity is never defined because it doesn’t actually matter. No, this is a film about community and belonging, and it fiercely refuses to fit in a box.

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