New Tee: Vote Tootsie for President

Sometimes you just need the right man for the job.  Or the right woman.  But in some instances, you need both.  That’s what makes Tootsie the right choice on this upcoming election day.  And there’s no better way to show your support for America’s favourite candidate than with the Vote Tootsie for President T shirt.

No matter what your political affiliation is, Tootsie is guaranteed to bring the real party to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Tootsie doesn’t build walls.  She tears them down brick by brick without smearing her eyeliner.  As President, Tootsie will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and she’ll even do it in high heels.  She’s Felt the Bern.  She’s Been With Her.  She’s even Made America Great Again.  Don’t vote third party, vote third gender.  Now is the time to join the campaign everyone can love.  Put on your very own Vote Tootsie for President tee and be a part of the revolution.

Vote Tootsie

Made in the USA, this tee is constructed of the finest cotton knit.  Outfitted with a comfortable crew neck, you’ll tastefully glide from classy to casual and back again.  High quality side stitching provides the perfect support for concealing your true identity, and a wide variety of colour options are ideal for any personality.

Visit our online store and be sure to put Vote Tootsie in your shopping cart today.  Trust us, it’s a much more valuable use of your time than deleting top secret emails and Googling what country you want to move to after election day.

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