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Is It Just Me? features the story of Blaine (Nicholas Downs) who is a typical young gay man looking for love but without much success. Blaine works as an advice columnist for a gay newspaper. Suffering from low self confidence and frustrated by his continuing failure to meet his ideal man, Blaine turns to the Internet and, meets Xander (David Loren), who may just be his perfect match, in an online chat room. Xander is a Texan who has recently moved to LA and the two men start to fall for each other.

The two decide to meet face-to-face for a date at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, Blaine realises he has been chatting to his new online boyfriend under his roommate Cameron’s profile. Cameron (Adam Huss) is a go-go dancer and will be who Xander is expecting to see. Instead of explaining the mistake, Blaine manages to convince his roommate Cameron to go along to the date and pretend to be Blaine. He hopes this will give him time to win Xander over.

In the pursuit of romance, the result is a complicated comedy of errors. Key supporting roles are Cameron and Blaine’s older flat mate Ernie (Bruce Gray) and Blaine’s friend and running partner Michelle (Michelle Laurent).

Is It Just Me


“For once a movie offers a straight sidekick for the gay guy, instead of the reverse”
   Andy Webster, The New York Times

“A cheap, cheerful, and extremely gay take on the sunny L.A. romantic comedy”
   Michelle Orange, The Village Voice

Did You Know?

The theme song “Finally Found Love” was written by Christopher Farrell and Chadwick, performed by Chadwick.  Is It Just Me? was shot in West Hollywood in 12 days for less than $75,000. Although a low-budget film it has received critical acclaim. It was also J.C. Calciano’s first gay comedy, and the first film he had ever written.

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