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The Curiosity of Chance, set in the 1980s is a comedy about an outgoing and gay teenage Chance Marquis (Tad Hilgenbrook). When Chance starts at an International High School, he quickly becomes the target of a homophobic bully Brad (Maxim Maes), in part due to his flamboyant dress sense, more suited to a Fred Astaire movie than a high school.

Over a year in Chance’s life in high school, he forms alliances with Levi (Brett Chuckerman), a high-school Jock and his next door neighbour; Twyla (Aldevina da Silva) a ballsy fashionista and geeky Hank (Pieter Van Niewenhuyza).

Following his entry and subsequent win in a cross-dressing contest, photos of Chance in drag are shown all over the school and he must practice what he preaches and remain true to himself.

In the end, Chance has his happy ending, seeing his bully getting his comeuppance and getting together with Levi, the object of his affections.

The film’s themes deal with facing one’s fears and the barriers that people put up in order ot cope with life.

The Curiosity of Chance


“With shades of many a John Hughes classic merged with the eighties nostalgic feel of Edge of Seventeen, this joyous work delights in showcasing how to take pride in just being who you are.”
   Gay Celluloid

The Curiosity of Chance by director Russell P. Marleau is an excellent coming-of-age film perfect for the inner teenager in all of us. Think of it as a queer Pretty in Pink… The Curiousity of Chance gets my vote for a GLAAD Media Award and should be required viewing in high schools everywhere, for the tolerance and fun of it.”
Harriette Yahr, The Advocate

“The unsatisfactory convergence of being gay and a teenager plays out nicely in The Curiousity of Chance, an ‘80s, John Hughes-style movie with a gay twist… its humanity makes the film a pleasure to watch.”
Washington Blade

Did You Know?

The director has stated that the script of The Curiosity of Chance started as an experiment to accomplish several things, one of which was to put a young gay character at the centre of the story, without the issue of sexuality being what everything hangs on, yet still keep it as an integral part of the story.

Because the film shot in Belgium, finding local cast caused some issues, not least with language, the team managed to get past this by communicating using a combination of English, Flemish and French. Review our Gay Themed Films here

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