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A German feature film set in modern day Germany, Romeos is a combination of a drama and a tragicomedy. The film focuses on the life of twenty year old Lukas (Rick Okon) who is undergoing pre-operative gender reassignment treatment, to make the change from female to male.

Finding many situations in life awkward and difficult, Lukas is housed in the female nurse’s residential hall and he is the only male there. His lesbian friend Ine (Liv Lisa Fries) is helping Lukas through his transition and introduces him to the gay life in Cologne. Over time, Lukas becomes increasingly interested in a local gay man, Fabio (Maximillian Befort). Fabio is everything that Lukas is not: self confident and masculine.

As the two men grow in there attraction to each other, Lukas struggles with the difficult decision of whether or not to tell Fabio about his gender reassignment. Fabio then discovers that Luke, who still has all his female attributes, was once Miriam.

The themes examined in the film are about being transsexual, self-discovery, friendship and sexual awakening.



Romeos, billed as “not your typical boy meets boy love story” is thankfully one of the LGBT related films that puts the human interest in the spotlight.”
  Jamie McHale, TQS Magazine

Romeos may avoid becoming too dark and exploring the fundamentals that come hand-in-hand with Lukas’ gender reassignment, but there’s no hesitation in saying that what Bernardi has achieved is a frank, shrewd, well-written and very well performed film that incorporates prominent, under-explored transgender and LGBT themes that challenges preconceived notions and ideas.”
Jamie Neish, Cine Vue

“As LGBT film starts to embrace genderqueer and trans narratives, writer/director Sabine Bernardi makes this an incredibly fresh, frank, and accessible film with an entrancing narrative.”
James Waygood, So So Gay

Did You Know?

Romeos was produced by Katharina Dufner. Prior to the film’s release, the screenplay won the Best Treatment Cologne Screenplay Prize in 2007.  In the film, Lukas’ birth name Miri (short for Miriam) has already been legally changed to Lukas, however Ine and Lukas’ family still call him Miri. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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