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In the 2005 film, C.R.A.Z.Y., Marc-André Grondin plays the role of a teen aged Zac Beaulieu, the 4th of 5 sons in the Beaulieu family.  Born in Christmas Day, Zac is almost nothing like the rest of his brothers.  His mother believes he is a miracle, having been born the same day as Jesus Christ.  His father, however, is not so easy to please, mostly desiring that each of his sons grow up to be man’s men.  As Zac grows older he finds himself conflicted with trying to please his father and live up to the high standards set forth by his mother.  As Zac moves through puberty he begins to have somewhat unconventional romantic ideas, which grow stronger as he ages.


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Marc-André Grondin is an up and coming French Canadian actor.  Beginning with some television roles and small parts as a child, Grondin grew up with acting in his blood.  By the age of 10, he had already appeared in 6 projects and was on pace to expand his acting skills as a teenager.

Grondin’s breakout performance was in the 2005 film, C.R.A.Z.Y., which won him a Jutra Award for Best Actor.  He also took home a Best Actor Award from the Vancouver Film Critics Circle for this film.

Marc-André Grondin has made numerous appearances in recent years in many French (Canadian) films and TV series.  The young actor has managed to stay busy with new projects almost every year since age 10, which is quite an impressive feat for a budding young talent.

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Appearing in many French language films, Marc-André Grondin is a talented young Canadian actor.  After spending much of his child acting career on television, Grondin delivered an award-winning performance as lead character Zac Beaulieu in C.R.A.Z.Y.  He followed up this performance with other films such as, La Belle Bete, Che: Part Two, Le Premier Jour du Reste de ta Vie, Bouquet Final, 5150 Elm’s Way, Goon, and L’Affaire Dumont.  Able to deliver convincing French or English characters, Grondin has established himself as a very versatile actor.

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