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Glen Berry delivers a poignant and heartfelt performance as Jamie in the 1996 film Beautiful Thing.  In this film, young Jamie is an introverted teen who is emotionally frustrated.  Living with his mother and her rotating menu of lovers, Jamie searches outside of his home for love and comfort.  He soon finds himself infatuated with Ste, a neighbour and classmate at the local school.  Ste, who is abused by his father and elder brother, comes with his own set of issues, which in some ways gives Jamie and Ste a common ground on which to find comfort in one another.  While Jamie’s homosexuality remains secret, love still manages to grow between the two boys.

Glen Berry

A former British actor, Glen Berry was born on April 21, 1978 in Romford, Essex.  In 1993, Berry embraced the opportunity to attend the Anna Scher Theatre School in London.  The community school, founded by Anna Scher, is best known for teaching improvisation and “natural delivery” techniques, of which the young Glen Berry benefited greatly.

Following his graduation, Glen Berry began acting in small parts for television ads and minor TV roles.  By 1995, Berry had secured a recurring role in British soap opera TV (London Bridge) and earned his first foray into cinema with the 1996 film Beautiful Thing.

Berry continued acting through the late 1990’s.  In 2003, however, he retired from the profession and now works as a car sales manager in his childhood home of Essex.

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After getting his start in television advertisements in 1995, Glen Berry began to pick up minor roles in television series and BBC TV films.  His recurring role in the British soap opera London Bridge was the springboard leading him to opportunities in cinema.  In 1996, Berry took the role of Jamie, a gay student, in the film Beautiful Thing.  This role led to further film opportunities, including a role in 2001’s From Hell, which was a fictional story of Jack the Ripper starring Johnny Depp.

Berry also enjoyed limited success acting in a variety of TV series and films, including appearances in the BBC’s Between the Lines, Blood and Fire, Trust, and Grange Hill.

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