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Written and directed by C. Jay Cox, the 2003 film, Latter Days, tells the story of a gay partygoer who falls for a Mormon missionary.  Aaron Davis, a kind and polite Mormon moves in next door to LA native Christian, a heavy partygoer and homosexual, two major discretions in the Mormon faith.  Despite this challenge, Aaron and Christian begin to form a close and loving relationship, prompting Aaron to both question and ultimately accept his fate as a homosexual in the Mormon community.  Latter Days is a romantic comedy that playfully embraces regret, faith, loss, and love through thoughtful and evocative characters.

Latter Days


American writer and director C. Jay Cox was born in Nevada in 1962.  Beginning as early as 8 years old, Cox has long held a love for films and filmmaking.  Throughout his youth, Cox wrote and produced a variety of creative small films until ultimately attending Brigham Young University.  After achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, Cox moved to Los Angeles to turn his dreams into real life and pursue a career in the film industry.  Cox worked as an actor, photographer, and writer until his own screenplay for Sweet Home Alabama was produced in 2002 and became an instant box office hit.

Cox’s directorial debut, Latter Days, hits very close to home, as the writer and director himself came out as gay after finishing his studies at a Mormon university and moving to Los Angeles.

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Beginning in the late 1990’s, C. Jay Cox picked up a variety of odd jobs, including rewriting screenplays.  After writing his own screenplay for The Thing in Bob’s Garage, Cox began working on Sweet Home Alabama.  The popular resulting movie released in 2002 and starred Reese Witherspoon.

In 2003, Cox wrote, directed, and produced the heartfelt and humorous film, Latter Days.  As a fifth generation Mormon himself, Cox understand the doctrine of the faith and the challenges of coming out as gay in such a community.  His film garnered various audience awards.

Cox continues to write and direct films, including contributions to films such as Kiss the Bride and 2009’s New in Town, starring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr.

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