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The lights are low.  The band warms up over the sounds of idle chitchat, clanging silverware, and the waiter shaking up another martini on the rocks.  Backstage, the energy is barely contained by the rich velvet curtains.  A team of stylists feverishly combs out elegant wigs, while a tough-as-nails rugby player carefully puts the finishing touches on his eyeliner, completing the evolution from Chris Clegg to Rosie Beaver.

This is the magic hour.  This is the moment where seemingly regular men – some straight, some gay – stop being athletes, doctors, and taxi drivers, and become songstresses, comediennes, and performance artists.  Why?  Because this is drag, and it’s damn beautiful.

The elegant meets the outrageous this October, when Revelation Films releases the acclaimed 2-disc series, Drag Queens of London.  Filled with eye-opening insights into the world of drag, this 8-part docu-soap introduces you to some of London’s finest drag performers.  Watch as men transform behind the makeup, forge careers amidst the avant-garde, and still manage to balance their lives in drag with their lives as everyday, ordinary men.

This provocative series introduces you to lovely and seductive performers like Vicki Vivacious, the boundless and artistic imagination of Lady Bourgeoisie, and the respected wisdom of Miss Dusty O, whose career in drag has spanned decades.  Each episode follows the Drag Queens of London as they develop their stage personas and create new and inspiring acts for their beloved audiences.  Follow as Silver Summers and Lady Lloyd painstakingly work to recreate the girl band Buffalo Girls and dozens of new drag performers flood the city of London in preparation for the UK’s most prestigious drag competition, Tranny Shack Academy.

And as a reader of Gay Essential, you could win a copy of this incredible 2-DVD set, bringing all of the darlings of drag straight into your living room.  Just click the app below and enter for your chance to win.

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