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Produced and directed by Roger Ross Williams, God Loves Uganda follows a group of missionaries from the American Evangelical group, International House of Prayer, as they embark on a mission to another nation.  Comprised of real life footage and interviews with US and Uganda based evangelical Christians, the film seeks to expose the cultural and societal damage caused by the actions evangelical Christians have taken in indoctrinating a predominately non-Christian Ugandan population.

Inspired by the story of David Kato, an LGBT activist who was murdered in 2011, Roger Ross Williams exposes the damages done when fundamentalist Christians recruit and coerce young Ugandans to preach a message of anti-LGBT teachings.  The film goes on to suggest the recent Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill is inspired by the actions of American evangelicals.  The bill is positioned to sentence gay and lesbian Ugandans to death for their sexuality.

God Loves Uganda



“A searing look at the role of American evangelical missionaries in the persecution of gay Africans, Roger Ross Williams’s God Loves Uganda approaches this intersection of faith and politics with some fairness and a good deal of outrage.”
Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times

“Williams is to be commended not only for his filmmaking skill, but also for pulling back the curtain on a most disturbing situation.”
   James Greenberg, The Hollywood Reporter

“Watching this film will leave you with some dispiriting questions about America and its values.”
   David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle

Did You Know?

Not intending to become a gay rights activist, Roger Ross Williams found himself thrust into this position in creating God Loves Uganda.  Williams actually grew up as a gay man in the evangelical church.  He had seen and heard the anti-gay rhetoric throughout much of his life, but was personally affected when the harsh realities of these teachings were laid before him in Uganda. Review our Gay Themed Documentaries Here

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