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Christian Campbell plays the role of Gabriel in the 1999 romantic comedy, Trick.  Gabriel is an aspiring writer trying to make his mark on Broadway.  One day he meets Mark, a stunning male stripper who picks him up during an otherwise ordinary subway ride in Manhattan.  Seeking the opportunity to be alone together, Mark and Gabriel begin searching for a place to be alone, playfully avoiding Gabriel’s annoying roommate, best friend, and an amusing drag queen who finds herself jealous of the hookup between Gabriel and Mark.  Through this comedic adventure Gabriel and Mark start to develop a blossoming relationship.

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Born in Toronto, Canada on May 12, 1972, Christian Campbell is the son of Dutch and Scottish immigrants.  Christian’s father, Gerry, taught high school drama classes, whereas his grandparents were accomplished actors and theatre owners in The Netherlands.  As a result, Christian and his siblings, actress Neve Campbell and actor Alex Campbell, were all primed for success at an early age.  After attending school in Toronto, Christian Campbell moved to New York City to pursue his career in television and theater.

Campbell lent his voice to a variety of animations and childrens’ programming, while also picking up character roles in popular television series.  Campbell has also played in international tours for Broadway musical productions.

In 2009, Campbell married American actress America Olivo.  The couple is currently vetting a new script they developed based on America Olivo’s Olympic gold medal-winning uncle, Walter D’Hondt, and America’s mother, Danica D’Hondt, winner of Miss Canada in 1959.

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Beginning with small television roles and voice-over work, Christina Campbell has managed to maintain a busy career since the early 1990’s.  One of his most famous recurring roles is as the voice of Max Steel in the children’s show, Max Steel.  Campbell has also appeared in a variety of popular television series, including roles in All My Children, Big Love, CSI:Miami, Banshee, The $treet, and The Book of Daniel.

On the stage, Campbell has enjoyed success touring nationwide in Broadway productions of the musical Tick, Tick…BOOM! and Reefer Madness: The Musical.  Campbell displayed his acting prowess in film with roles in Trick, Neighbor, Pretty Dead Girl, and Picture Perfect.

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