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Call Me By Your Name

Film Review: Call Me By Your Name at BFI London Film Festival

Adapted from Andre Aciman’s novel by legendary writer/director James Ivory, and directed by the surely soon to be legendary Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, the film takes a classic coming of age premise within LGBT fiction and transforms it into something extraordinary and infinitely heartfelt.


Essential Opinion: Pitchfork

Set in sleepy Michigan farm country, the film features a broad cast of characters, with a small LGBT twist. Hunter, having recently come out to his parents, is making his first trip home from the big city to face his conservative father. Needing the support of his gaggle of friends, Hunter returns home with a variety of mismatched characters – a gaggle of horror film clichés who are ripe for the picking.

The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror

Gay Essential Horror Films To Watch, The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror

Following the encounter of five couples who stop by a bizarre hotel for the night, The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror is a campy horror film that was released in 2007. Written and directed by Jaymes Thomson, the movie stars Mari Marks and Georgia Jean and features Robert Borzych, Hilary Schwartz and Vinny Markus.

Jamie Marks Is Dead

Essential Opinion: Jamie Marks Is Dead

Directed and adapted by Carter Smith from Christopher Barzak’s harrowing novel One For Sorrow, Jamie Marks Is Dead is a slow-burning teen horror. A quiet teenager from a broken home’s life becomes bleak when his mother is involved in a car accident and a boy from his high school is found dead. Released in 2014 the film stars Noah Silver, Cameron Monaghan and Morgan Saylor.

Unhappy Birthday

Gay Essential Horror Films To Watch, Unhappy Birthday (Amen Island)

Released in 2011, Unhappy Birthday is a thriller about a birthday trip to the eerie Amen Island which turns into a living hell when the trekkers encounter the land’s community. Inspired by cult classics like Hammer House of Horror and The Wicker Man, the British film features the iconic horror actor and screenwriter David McGillivray and was directed by Mark Harriot and Mike Matthews.

The KAOS Brief

Essential Opinion: The KAOS Brief

What begins as a hactivist message quickly diverges into a clever found footage film shot with phones, security cameras, and a few DJI quadcopter drones. Drew Lipson plays Skyler, a social media-obsessed vlogger who broadcasts his daily life to his thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel. Skyler and his partner Corey decide to kick off their spring break on a brief camping excursion with Skyler’s twin sister Dakota and her boyfriend Tren, setting up the perfect opportunity for a variety of new vlog entries, as well as a relaxing and fun getaway.

Otto; or Up with Dead People

Gay Essential Horror Films To Watch, Otto; or Up with Dead People

This horror film was directed by Bruce LaBruce and revolves around the “life” of a young zombie who takes a ride to Berlin and auditions for a role there. Starring Jey Cristfar, Katharina Klewinghaus and Marcel Schlutt, Otto; or Up with Dead People was released in 2008 and shot in Germany and Canada.

A Very Sordid Wedding

Essential Opinion: A Very Sordid Wedding

Taking place in a small Texas town, A Very Sordid Wedding is set less than a month after marriage equality becomes the law of the land across the USA. As the small town church prepares to hold an anti-equality rally, Latrell (Bonnie Bedelia), the mother of a recently married gay son, takes it in to her own hands to protest this backward event.

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