Gay Essential Films To Watch, Burnt Money (Plata Quemada)

Set in Argentina in 1965, Burnt Money (Plata Quemada) is a crime thriller based on a true story of two men who became lovers and then bank robbers. El Nene (Leonardo Sbaraglia) and Angel (Eduardo Noriega) are a thief and a drifter respectively who meet and from that moment of meeting, are inseparable. Known as ‘the twins’ the couple are actually lovers.

The pair take part in a hold-up on an armoured truck along with a group of gangsters led by Cuervo (Pablo Echarri). When Angel is injured by police fire during the robbery, Nene, in anger, kills the police and the guards. They must then flee to Uruguay to escape arrest.

While in Uruguay, the pair meet a prostitute, Giselle (Leticia Bredico) with whom they end up seeking refuge. Giselle attempts to convince Nene to cross the border with her, making him choose between her and Angel. Nene chooses Angel and throws Giselle out, who then goes to the police in revenge. Before Nene and Angel can escape, the police have surrounded the building. When it becomes apparent that they will not be able to save the stolen money or their lives, they burn the money. Nene is shot and dies in Angel’s arms, while Angel continues firing at the police.

Burnt Money


“It is a bravura work that attests to Pineyro’s command of a style rich in texture and nuance and also of multilayered material.”
  Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Burnt Money arranges a triumphant martyrdom for its bad boys — a redemptive blaze of glory, dozens of faceless corpses notwithstanding.”
Jessica Winter, Village Voice

“Those who hang in for the long haul are rewarded with a sexy, moving love story.
Ernest Hardy, L.A. Weekly

Did You Know?

Although Angel’s death is not shown, but implied in the film Burnt Money, both Nene and Angel died in the siege according to a police officer who was interviewed in a documentary about the real life case. The film has been said to be more authentic than Ricardo Piglia’s book on which it was based. Review our Gay Themed Films Here

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