Such Good People

Essential Opinion: Such Good People

Richard and Alex are looking for a house as they await approval to adopt a child, when they are asked to housesit they stumble upon a secret room where a large amount of cash has been hidden. Released in 2014, Such Good People is directed by Stewart Wade and stars Michael Urie, Randy Harrison and Scott Wolf.

Myra Breckinridge

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Myra Breckinridge

This 1970 American comedy is based on Gore Vidal’s satirical novel, Myra Breckinridge. The motion picture depicts the story of a transgendered woman who travels to Europe in order to get a sex-change procedure. Starring Raquel Welch as the leading character, the film was directed by Michael Sarne and also features Mae West, Rex Reed and John Huston.

Victor Victoria

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Victor/Victoria

Released in 1982, Victor Victoria starred Julie Andrews, Robert Preston and James Garner. Although set in Paris, the film was shot at Pinewood Studios in England U.K. Directed by Julie Andrew’s husband Blake Edwards, the film was nominated for and won a number of awards including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

Fair Haven

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Fair Haven

A tender film about emotions and identity, Fair Haven presents the conflict between memories of the past and expectations for the future. James is a young man recently out of a religious gay conversion camp, learning to bury the past and live up to his father’s expectations.

Seed Money

Essential Opinion: Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story

With Falcon Studios, gay porn mogul Chuck Holmes built an empire on flesh and fantasy. Chuck fought against the FBI, vice squads and an AIDS epidemic in order to document emerging gay culture and provide homosexual men across the country with a vision of life that was unashamed and celebratory. Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story is the story of one of the gay rights movement’s more unlikely – and spirited – pioneers. Released in 2015 and directed by Michael Stabile, the documentary features Jeff Stryker, Chi Chi LaRue, Steve Cruz, Tom Chase and legendary filmmaker John Waters.

Advise & Consent

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Advise & Consent

Released in 1962, Advise & Consent is an American film based on Allen Drury’s homonymous book. Directed by Otto Preminger and starring Henry Fonda, the movie follows Robert Lefingwell’s political race for Secretary of State, uncovering communist affiliations and homosexual trysts along the way. With a majority of characters based on real, historical figures, Preminger’s noir motion picture features veteran actors like Peter Lawford, Betty White, Lew Ayres and Walter Pidgeon.

Judas Kiss

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Judas Kiss

Released in 2011, Judas Kiss won the Best Debut Film at Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival and the Alternative Spirit Award at Rhode Island International Film Festival. Shot in Seattle, Washington USA, it was the feature film directorial debut of J.T. Tepnapa. The film was co-produced by Carlos Pedraza and Jody Wheeler and starred Charlie David, Richard Harmon, Sean Paul Lockhart and Timo Descamps.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Victim

Recognized as the very first motion picture to use the word “homosexual”, Victim is a suspense thriller that follows the struggles of an esteemed gay lawyer who is blackmailed for his sexual orientation. Starring Dirk Bogarde and Sylvia Syms, the British film is directed by Basil Dearden and was released in 1961.

King Cobra

Essential Opinion: King Cobra

King Cobra tells the story of Sean Lockhart who chose the stage name of Brent Corrigan for his appearances on video. Lockhart, however, didn’t just gain popularity in the porn industry for his saucy roles but also because he got caught up in a true crime case involving Cobra Video’s producer/director. Directed by Justin Kelly, the film stars Garrett Clayton, Christian Slater and James Franco.

A Taste of Honey

Gay Essential Films To Watch, A Taste of Honey

A throwback to the Golden Age of British cinema, 1961’s A Taste of Honey bucked the trend of traditional cinema and openly addressed issues of sex, interracial relationships, single parenting, and homosexuality head-on. This film truly laid the groundwork for addressing the changing face of society via popular culture and media. Directed by Tony Richardson, the film stars Rita Tushingham, Robert Stephens and Murray Melvin.

North Sea Texas

Gay Essential Films To Watch, North Sea Texas (Noordzee, Texas)

Released in 2011, North Sea Texas won two awards at Montreal Film Festival and one at Rome Film Festival. It was the first feature film from director Bavo Defurne, who also wrote the screenplay with Yves Verbraeken. The film is set on the Belgian coast and is based on the 2004 children’s book “Nooit Gaat Dit” by Andre Sollie.

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