Film Review: Retablo at Berlinale

The rural setting of this coming of age tale may initially remind viewers of the similarly rugged Yorkshire backdrops of God’s Own Country, one of last year’s standout LGBT films. But the Peruvian landscape hides an intolerant undercurrent, with these rural villages populated entirely by townsfolk with reactionary and religiously motivated attitudes towards same sex relationships.


Essential Opinion: Becks

After moving from Brooklyn to LA to move in with her girlfriend, musician Becks instantly ends her relationship after discovering she’s been cheated on. With no map for her future laid out, she makes the decision to head back to the midwest and move in with her devoutly catholic mother Ann.

Edward II

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Edward II

This 1991 British film is based on Christopher Marlowe’s play, Edward II, and focuses on the passionate love Edward II of England had for a nobleman of Gascon origin. Directed by Derek Jarman, the historical tragedy stars Steven Waddington and Andrew Tiernan and features Tilda Swinton, Dudley Sutton and John Lynch.

Game Girls

Film Review: Game Girls at Berlinale

Just over ten years ago, Polish filmmaker Alina Skrzeszewska moved to a hotel near Skid Row, America’s infamous “homeless capital” located on the outskirts of central Los Angeles. Despite only spending a year living in the neighbourhood, it’s had a significant impact on her life – and she’s returned there once again to make yet another documentary following the citizens caught living on the streets just blocks away from luxurious skyscrapers.

The Ice King

Essential Opinion: The Ice King

As the Winter Olympics grip the world, countless headlines have been written about the fact that this year saw the first openly gay Winter Olympians on the podium winning medals. However, they’re far from the first LGBT athletes to take home prizes – as James Erskine’s documentary The Ice King points out, John Curry took home a gold medal for figure skating in an era when homosexuality was barely legal.

Better Half

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Better Half

A touching drama from director and editor Michelle Clay, Better Half is the story of two gay men, Tony and Leo, who are happily in love and preparing for marriage. However, when an infant is abandoned at the hospital where Tony works, they begin to embrace the notion of family. Released in 2015 the motion picture stars Jaimie Fauth, Grant Landry and Avie Weber.

Dating My Mother

Film Review: Dating My Mother at Mardi Gras Film Festival

Mike Roma’s assured directorial debut is primarily a family drama, where a mother and son’s relationship is contrasted with their online dating accounts – something he manages to make visually exciting, with very few scenes of characters staring at their phones. Dating My Mother is a charming and instantaneously likeable character comedy.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Thirsty

Released in 2016, Thirsty is a musical biopic of Scott Townsend, whose alter ego (drag queen Thirsty Burlington) has led him to become one of the planet’s leading Cher impersonators. The motion picture directed by Margo Pelletier stars Scott Townsend, Deirdre Lovejoy and Cole Canzano.


Essential Opinion: Unzipped

Released in 1995 Unzipped is a smart, balanced and light-hearted look into the designer world of 90s’ America, not concerned with judging the lifestyle but also refrained from romanticizing it. Directed by Douglas Keeve the documentary features Isaac Mizrahi, Roseanne Barr and Sandra Bernhard.

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