Film Review: Kanarie at Outfest

With a growing number of queer topics and motion pictures emerging in South African filmmaking, the status quo is being increasingly questioned and dismantled. Kanarie, tackles a variety of controversial subjects, from blind patriotism to the effects of religious dogma on sexuality and healthy self-expression.

BPM (Beats Per Minute)

Opinión Esencial: 120 Pulsaciones Por Minuto

Lejos de ser nostálgica, 120 BPM deja una sentimiento de alivio al terminar de ver esa cinta estando agradecido, que lo que acaba de ver, no es la presente realidad, sino un homenaje a todas las vidas perdidas por una enfermedad que robo potencial pero creó una revolución, que hasta esta fecha, sigue pulsando minuto a minuto a través de nuevas generaciones al no dejar que la ignorancia y silencio ganen de nuevo.

Harry + Max

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Harry + Max

This American motion picture focuses on the dynamic and incestuous relationship between two famous brothers who are in the pop music industry. Released in 2004, Harry + Max stars Bryce Johnson and Cole Williams, and features Rain Phoenix, Michelle Phillips and Tom Gilroy. The drama film was written and directed by Christopher Munch.


Gay Essential Films To Watch, Strapped

Released in 2010, Strapped is a drama following the story of a young prostitute and his eventful night in a strange apartment building. Filmed in San Francisco, Strapped was directed by Joseph Graham and starred Ben Bonenfant and Nick Frangione.

One To Another

Gay Essential Films To Watch, One To Another (Chacun Sa Nuit)

This French-Danish film was directed by Jean-Marc Barr and Pascal Arnold. It follows the life and struggles of several LGBTQ characters who live in a provincial town in France. Written by Pascal Arnold, One To Another (Chacun Sa Nuit) stars Lizzie Brocheré, Arthur Dupont and features Pierre Perrier, Jean-Cristophe Bouvet and Valérie Mairesse.

Time to Leave

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Time to Leave (Le temps qui reste)

Released in 2005 and filmed in Paris, France, Time to Leave follows the story of Roman, a gay fashion photographer who, on learning he has terminal cancer, is cruel towards those closest to him. A chance encounter gives him a chance to change his attitude. The film was directed by Francois Ozon and starred Melvil Poupard and Jeanne Moraud.

The Fruit Machine

Gay Essential Films To Watch, The Fruit Machine (Wonderland)

Released in 1988, The Fruit Machine (Wonderland) follows the adventures and struggles of two homosexual teenage boys who run from home and wind up in a gay nightclub. Written by Frank Clarke, the motion picture was directed by Philip Saville and stars Emile Charles and Tony Forsyth. The film also features Clare Higgins, Bruce Payne and Robert Stephens.

Bitter Melon

Film Review: Bitter Melon at Outfest

Only a brilliant and gifted director can manage to make grueling topics like domestic abuse mesh well with dry humor and dramedy. Albeit slipping out of its vision and losing its prowess at times, Bitter Melon brings a genuinely refreshing and satisfying experience on the screens of this year’s Outfest edition.

Burn The Bridges

Gay Essential Films To Watch, Burn The Bridges (Quemar Las Naves)

Burn The Bridges (Quemar Las Naves) was released in 2007 and stars Claudette Maillé, Irene Azuela and Aida López. The drama film is centred on a former pop singer who develops a terminal illness and tries to maintain a healthy relationship with her two young children. The motion picture was written by María Renée Prudencio and Francisco Franco Alba and directed by the latter.


Film Review: Cuernavaca at Outfest

Exploring the stunted childhood of a young, misunderstood boy, Cuernavaca is a colorful film that employs a tried and tested surrealist approach to storytelling. Alejandro Andrade’s directorial debut amasses a variety of old-age visual concepts and renders them to the viewer in a soft, easeful manner, reminiscent of the aesthetics of the irrational.

Call Her Ganda

Film Review: Call Her Ganda at Outfest

Following one of the most gut-wrenching events in the history of the Filipino trans movement, Call Her Ganda is a staggering and thought-provoking documentary on the epidemic of violence against LGBTQ people. Part-chronicle, part-tribute, the film is ushered by three central female figures who take on a seemingly never-ending and irremediable quest for justice.

Love, Cecil

Essential Opinion: Love, Cecil

Is it possible to separate the art from the artist? Documentarian Lisa Immordino Vreeland definitely doesn’t think so, as her examination of the life and career of photographer/artist/costume designer Cecil Beaton understands that the many contradictions in his character informed a lifetime of work across a variety of different mediums.

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